About Rachel

IMAG0524I’m Rachel Wilson,  a Cardiff-based language and writing teacher, writer and personal development mentor.

I’m a CELTA-qualified ‘English as a foreign language’ teacher with a lot of experience teaching academic writing, who also has a background in drama and creative writing. If you have a ‘sticking point’ in your writing, I’ll use both my creative and professional training to find ways of working with you to solve it. I design courses and materials to make them as specific as possible for each individual or group, and  to  make the learning process enjoyable.

I have also spent many years doing 1-to-1 support-based work: because of this, I also offer a  mentoring service  – working with people to find their strengths and address obstacles to achieving what they want  personally or professionally.

You can find details of my professional work here: RW_TeachingCV_2017. and of my current screenplay here.  Feel free to email for further details.