cropped-flowerart2455071.jpgSometimes you need a little extra guidance to meet your goals. If you think you would benefit from some mentoring sessions to get you through a particular project, course or piece of writing  get in touch find out more. Sessions involve finding your strengths, talking through obstacles (such as lack of confidence, unhelpful habits or external factors) , finding some strategies to address them, and setting useful goals which take you through a process  step by step.


Personal  mentoring:to  support you through a particular course , project or period of  professional transition. You can choose the focus (for e.g. professional, academic, creative). 

  • Initial consultation (30 minutes): Free
  • Pay as you go sessions (60 minutes): £30
  • Monthly package (first): 6 hours to be arranged within one month: £150
  • Repeat monthly package: 6 hours face within one month: £120

Please note: The mentoring offered here provides a safe and enjoyable space to talk about  issues that  affect your progress. While I am experienced in working with  individuals in a supportive way, I am not a  trained counsellor.  Where it is recognized that students require such a service,   a qualified, professional counsellor or therapist will be advised.